Small group fitness classes

All classes are included in our memberships - unless stated otherwise.


It is only $10 for non-members to join in a class. This is valid for Cromwell, Picton & Temuka gyms

Body Blast

Body blast is specifically designed to increase your heart rate, get you training hard, and finish feeling awesome. At Body Blast, we create unique workouts each week that are specifically designed to get you sweating, burning fat and building lean muscle. Body Blast incorporates a mix of resistance, light weights and cardio training. 

Func Fit


At FuncFit we coach you through compound gym movements. You will learn the correct techniques so you can confidently perform the exercise in and outside of a small group fitness class. FuncFit builds your confidence, so you can do those workouts you've always wanted to do. In FuncFit you will also work hard, build strength & sweat!

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Barbell Basics

Barbell Basics in an interactive class designed to help you learn and critique the three main barbell lifts - bench press, squat, and deadlift. This is the perfect opportunity to get quality coaching and feedback from an experienced trainer. It will have you tackling those once potentially intimidating lifts with confidence, strength, and determination.


Courage is designed to challenge your comfort zone with sessions both inside & out. It will have you tackling those once intimidating exercises with confidence, strength & determination.  Not only will Courage build yours, but by surrounding yourself with encouraging & like minded people you will also build incredibly unique friendships.

Punch and Crunch

Do you enjoy boxing or at least the idea?  Then you will love Punch & Crunch. In Punch & Crunch you will work up a sweat practicing boxing drills independently & with a partner.  We also incorporate core exercises so you can punch & crunch your way to a six pack.


Risk is a games-based workout. We might roll the dice, flip a coin, or set challenges to see how hard we work. One thing we do know, you will laugh.

Take 30-minutes to relax and unwind in a quiet supportive environment. Our friendly supportive instructor will lead you through a gentle yet effective stretch routine. Poses are held for moderate time frames to help improve circulation and flexibility as well as help reduce stress and relieve tension.

This is a great way to wind down for the day or prep for a gym session.

If you are not sure where to begin, this class is a great place to start. 

Physical activity is the number one contributor to longevity, even if you don’t start exercising until your senior years. Join our special Back to Movement class with lower intensity functional exercises to enhance your mobility, flexibility and balance. 

Metabolism naturally slows with age and maintaining a healthy weight can be a challenge. Our Back to Movement classes help to increase metabolism and muscle tone, assisting you to burn more calories and increase mobility.

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